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When you engage an architect for a new design project it can be daunting trying to understand the process involved and the costs. Every project is different. This guide aligns with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work.

Briefing & Consultation              RIBA Stage 0

A visit and consultation with an experienced, qualified, Chartered RIBA Architect, to understand your gaols, budget and special considerations. To discuss the nature of the project, the site, design restrictions especially in Conservation Areas and for Listed Buildings, the design options, your budget, and give you the best advice. If you wish we can prepare sketch ideas and answer all yor queries. We can then produce a taylored fee quote specific to your project.

Estimated timescale average 2-4 hours

Survey and Preparation            RIBA Stage 1

Once you are happy with the Stage 0, you can appoint The Victor Farrar partnership to carryout a full and accurate meaured survey of the property and or site. The draeings will be completed on a computer (CAD) and existing plans and elevations will be drawn up. This will give us a better understanding of the site and property and allow the feasibility stage to begin.

Estimated timescale average 3-6 weeks

Preparation for a New Dwelling, Pre -Planning Enquiry & Space Planning     RIBA Stage 1

We can prepare a space plan for the new dwelling to see if the proposed dwelling meets the national standards for new dwellings and submit a pre planning enquiry to the council or use this information to make a full planning application. This service is only for new dwellings.

For Listed Buildings and conservation areas, we recommend a pre planning application and report before we produce full detailed planning drawings. This will include sketches and ideas and plans, to ensure the planners will agree to the project.

Concept Design                RIBA Stage 2

We look at all the options and develop the design on CAD for your comments and amendments until you are 100% happy. Finishes and materials will also be explored.


Developed Design & Planning    RIBA Stage 3                

We complete the design and produce very accurate and detailed planning drawings. We send them to you, the client for your approval. We submit the drawings to the planning authority on your behalf. We have been very successful achieving planning permission for over 30 years.

Estimated Timescale 3-6 weeks and council approvals take 8-12 weeks


Building Regulations & Construction Drawings                RIBA Stage 4

We have been successful in achieving detailed building regulation drawings to submit to Building Control for their approval together with the structural engineers calculations for any steel beams etc. The builders are very happy using our detailed building regulation drawings as construction drawings on site.

Estimated Timescale  3-6 weeks

Tendering, Contracts & On Site Construction to Completion       

RIBA Stage 4 & 5

We can prepare a detailed specification and schedule of work to ensure the tendering is like for like. This takes between 4-6 weeks.

We prepare a contract which is a legal document to fix the price so you do not rely on a quotation which is flexible on site.

We prepare a Tender Package which takes on average 1 week

Contract preparation and agreeing contract value which takes 1 week.

On site contract administration including an initial site meeting for contactor and clients to sign a JCT contract, Other meetings and inspections on site, writing minutes and checking work id one to issue the Interim payment Certificates to completion/ Handover.