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What we do..

We offer a full range of Architectural Services 4 you (In Bedfordshire)

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We have over 30 years experience and offer a professional service from initial consultation, design and planning, through to production of full construction drawings.

 Modern, Traditional, Small or Large 

RIBA  |  Arb  |  AABC  |  CA 

Why we are the right Architects 4 You…


NO VAT Not Vat registered saving 20% Vat on fees

OPTIONS- Only we produce all the sketch plan options to your brief
until you find one you like to your budget

ACCURATE BUILDABLE DRAWINGS -Only we produce the best designs, accurate measured surveys, detailed Planning and
Building Regulation drawings which act as production drawings which builders recommend.

ESTABLISHED 1962 -This is a major investment 4 You and you need
more than just drawings, so appoint VFP because it’s Bedford's leading,
reputable, well established (Since 1962 so more than 50 years) and award
winning practice

QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED -RIBA Chartered Architectural Practice
with fully qualified and experienced Architects. (Arb registered) The
title “Architect” is protected by law and people offering Architectural
Services are unqualified, will not have PI insurance, will be untrained
and not suitable for design work. 30 years genuine experience in
extensions, alterations, loft conversions, new build and garage
conversions. Always check qualifications.

INSURED -Full PI Insurance

company of qualified design professionals who work as a team providing the
best service

LOCAL- Based locally in Bedfordshire.

FULL OR PART SERVICE -Total assistance from beginning to end of each project
or just Planning and or Building Regulations drawings.
Specifications and schedules of work to go out to tender to the best builders. Don't rely on a builders quote which can change on site. We prepare contracts with builders to agree a fixed price and fixed timescales so things don't go wrong on site. Skilled at working directly with builders on site, answering queries, holding meetings, writing minutes and certifying builders work to completion.  You only pay the builder when the work is checked on site and an interim payment certificate is produced. 

BEST BUILDERS -We use some of the best builders in Bedfordshire.

100% SATISFACTION -You will be in very good hands and pay only when you are 100% happy with each
work stage.

Architects Accredited in Building Conservation AABC  

RIBA Conservation Architect CA


 Chartered Architects RIBA & Historic Building Consultants.

Architects Accredited In Building Conservation AABC, RIBA CA  (Est 1962)

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