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Regional RICS Conservation Award Winner

Laurane Bubbins has more than 30 years of expertise in the conservation and repair of traditional buildings and Churches, skilled in using traditional building techniques.

For alterations, additions or repairs, we are experts in the field. We have the right experience in almost every aspect of work involving the historic structures and are deeply committed to protecting our built heritage. Looking after a historic church can be a daunting responsibility and leave people wondering where to turn when work is required. Getting the right advice from the right people who genuinely care about both the needs of the custodian and building is vital. The correct care of an old building can be expensive however costs can be greatly reduced if regular maintenance is carried out. When repairs are required it is easy to panic and work is often unnecessarily done in a heavy handed way which both costs much more and detrimentally effects the character of the building.

Recommended Architect for the Diocesan Advisory Committee of: 


St Albans Diocese

Ely Diocese

Peterborough Diocese

Oxford Diocese

  1. Suitably qualified Church Architect, recommended by the DAC and she has much experience of working on Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings and Churches 
  2. Full understanding of Church care and restoration skilled in traditional building techniques
  3. Happy to visit the church and meet members of the PCC or fabric sub-committee. This meeting is crucial as a good working relationship will be needed between the PCC's and Laurane Bubbins.
  4. Happy to work on any additional work to carry out any repairs or alterations to the church. Laurane Bubbins is a full member of the AABC (Architect Accredited in Building Conservation) scheme and the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects)) conservation accreditation scheme. (CA

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Celebrating more than 50 years in business as Church Architects (1962)

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If you're looking for an amazing qualified Chartered Architect (Arb, RIBA) who can visualise your dream-home extension or project and design it to your budget then this is the right Chartered Practice 4 You. We take pride in the work we deliver and have no interest in making a quick buck. We are honest with our advice, reasonable with our fees and realistic with our timescales.

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 Beware of unqualified people offering architectural services. Laurane Bubbins is qualified and experienced.

To call yourself an architect in the UK you must be registered with the Architect’s Registration Board (ARB), who is there to protect your interests as a member of the public. It’s members must adhere to their professional code of conduct. You can check whether your ‘architect’ really is an architect on their website here: Some architects also subscribe each year to be a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

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Architects Accredited in Building Conservation AABC

Royal Institute of British Conservation Architects CA RIBA                          

Institute of Historic Building Conservation IHBC

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